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Pretty Smart

Today, more women live alone than with a spouse. It’s not surprising then that today’s independent women are more likely to run alone, walk the dog alone, or exercise alone.

RunningPretty Identity Waistband™.Who are you?

It’s great to be independent, but there are risks to running and working out alone.  RunningPretty reduces the risk by including the patent-pending Identity Waistband™ on every running skirt which includes your critical emergency contact information.

It’s unique. It’s essential

Unique to RunningPretty, the Identity Waistband is a built-in security feature for women who exercise alone. It is the only line of women’s sports apparel that supports women’s independence by providing critical emergency contact information to bystanders or first responders in case of accident or illness during a run, workout, or walk.

Run with a purse? Preposterous!

Run without an ID? Foolish! RunningPretty makes it easy to remember your ID because every RunningPretty skirt features the unique Identity Waistband™ that includes an emergency contact name and phone number for built-in security every step of the way.

Wash and wear

Made from lightweight PVC plastic, the emergency contact tag is thermally printed with your name and emergency contact number. Throw the skirt and the Identity Waistband into the washer and dryer, grab it and get moving.  You never have to remember your ID again!

With RunningPretty, you will feel powerful and confident to workout on your own – never worried about being too revealing or anxious about running too far.

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