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Many women won’t run because they feel they don’t “fit the mold.”

Callie Skokos, Owner of RunningPretty.  Pretty Inspirational!Who we are and why your stories inspire us

My name is Callie Skokos.  I am the mother of three children, owner of two businesses, visionary with one big dream, and runner with ZERO running shorts!

RunningPretty was born after I realized that if we all felt a little better about ourselves, the positive influence of running would take care of the rest. I have been a runner for most of my life and I keep on running because it provides me with a sense of confidence, strength and inner peace that nothing else can emulate. Over the years, after trying to convert friends into running partners, I realized there was a common thread that wove through all the conversations.  Many women won’t run because they feel they don’t “fit the mold.” I knew I had to help change this unhealthy perception.

For many of us, running and exercising has a powerful impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we cope with the pressures of everyday life.

Do yourself a favor… be yourself.  Run because it feels great. Exercise because it’s good for the mind and body. I hope you can discover the Power of Pretty with RunningPretty. 

I believe that through the spirit of others, we can all learn a little more about ourselves. Email us at with your story.

Here's mine:

The Silent Song

By Callie Skokos, Owner of RunningPretty

I am silently singing that song again.  The same verse over and over.  I always do that when the run starts really getting hard and I begin thinking those dreaded thoughts about stopping.  Right now I feel that I cannot endure the pain but stopping is sometimes just as painful as persevering.  Stopping is mentally painful.  Stopping causes me to start questioning my strength; not just as a runner, but as a person. 

By the fourth repeated verse I had made it up "Titan Hill" and can now take pleasure in the consoling decent.  Although Titan was difficult today, I can steadily feel my strength replenishing.  I have reached the half-way-home-marker, and by the half-way point of all my runs, I start feeling stronger and believing that I can endure, overcome, and succeed.  As a woman, few things in life provide me with the feeling of undiluted confidence that running produces.  It provides me with a silent strength that I have been unable to capture in any other way. 

I am running toward the entrance of the Arrow Head Golf Club and I hear the sound of golf shoes delicately and quickly clicking on the pavement.  Within a blink, I realize that it is actually the sound of a doe and two fawns nervously prancing across the street into a clearing hoping that I do not notice them.  I sigh and think about how similar I am to those deer.  They run for freedom and so do I.  Running satisfies my need for freedom; freedom from pain, helplessness, failure, and fear. 

While I run, my eyes explore the horizon and the foothills and I again notice the magnificence that has been stifled behind the mundane.  My senses are revived and I feel my blood warming.  I am at peace.

For me, running is soul-searching that has helped me discover the strength I posses within.  This strength allows me to conquer my fears about the things I am unable to control.  Knowing that I can make it just one more mile, up one more hill, or shave off one more second reminds me that running is just a metaphor for life.  When things get complicated, tiresome, disheartening, or frustrating, I recall the run from the previous day and think "I can get up this hill.  I can overcome."  And I silently sing the same verse over and over until the pain passes.

When things get complicated, tiresome, disheartening, or frustrating, I recall the run from the previous day and think “I can get up this hill. I can overcome.”

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