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Pretty Functional

Gone are the days of fidgeting, fumbling and rigging your workout clothes to accommodate keys, money, music, and hydration packs. RunningPretty incorporates convenience into every one of its skirts.

Pretty Functional with three hidden pockets and functional belt loop!Easy out

There is truly no other exercise apparel on the market that is as functional as RunningPretty. Along with the Identity Waistband™, RunningPretty offers smart features to make your exercise experience effortless and more comfortable.

Pockets – what a concept!

If you’re frustrated with running shorts that don’t have pockets, you’re not alone.  That’s why RunningPretty has three pockets!  We’ve put two hidden side pockets in the short that are the perfect size for money, credit cards, or health card.  They are also perfect for portable music because the headphone wires loop underneath and up without getting in your way. RunningPretty also boasts a key pocket with clasp so you can clip your car key in securely and safely.

Hydration inspiration

The RunningPretty belt loops not only add an element of fashion, they add an element of function.  Thread your water bottle holder through the belt loops to keep it in place on your hips while you run or workout.  No more tummy strain and discomfort from your hydration pack with RunningPretty. 

Cross-training made easy

With an optional cycling pad insert, all you need is RunningPretty for your run or your ride. Slip the cycling pad into our all-cotton liner, and that’s it!  Without missing a beat, you’re ready to hop on the bike and get out there.

With all these great features, RunningPretty is the only choice for smart women on-the-go!

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