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Pretty Flattering

With few alternatives on the market, women have been forced to wear uncomfortable men’s workout clothes for too long! RunningPretty is the answer!

Pretty Flattering, Sassy Skirt.It's workout apparel for the girl in you

RunningPretty is designed by a woman for women. Our running skirts and tops are comfortable, stylish, and flattering without being revealing or binding.

Sassy skirt

Our top-quality fabric is the key to the unique style and comfort of RunningPretty.  Made from a high-performance Nylon/Lycra material, the skirt won’t cling or bunch and its structure helps create a smooth line. And, because it is cut lower on the hips, RunningPretty reduces pressure on the tummy during your run or ride.

Supportive short

The fabric content and seaming of the ‘barely-there’ compression short makes it comfortable for running, cycling, walking, kickboxing, yoga and more.*  Not too tight, but snug enough to stay in place, the short will help you feel confident and cute no matter where your sport takes you.

Topping it off

The coordinating sports tops complete the RunningPretty line – with two designs that fit your style and your workout.

Once you’ve tried RunningPretty, you will never go back to wearing uncomfortable, unflattering men’s shorts again. It’s called the Power of Pretty.

Discover the Power of Pretty. Order online or visit one of our quality retailers

* After our initial launch, the short will be available in three lengths to accommodate your body type and your sport of choice!

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Sports Apparel for the Girl in You.