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Pretty Confident

Sadly, eating disorders affect almost five percent of all young women in the U.S. because women feel the need to conform to the runway model’s figure.

Pretty Confident and proud to be a girl!Good to be a girl

RunningPretty was born after realizing that if we all felt a little better about ourselves, the positive influence of running and exercising would take care of the rest. With its structured shape and feminine design, RunningPretty helps women feel more confident and have more self-esteem while exercising.

No such thing as the perfect size 6

Running and exercising is good for the body and the soul. That’s why it’s so disappointing to hear many women say they have to “get in shape” before they hit the gym. Running provides a sense of confidence, strength and inner peace and so does RunningPretty. Wear the skirt that tells the world you’re proud to be a girl. You’re proud of your inner strength and your outer spirit – no matter what size you happen to be.

Team up with RunningPretty

It’s a new school of thought! Comfortable, feminine girls sports uniforms.  What better way to showcase your girls’ sports programs than with teams outfitted in RunningPretty?  The girls will be comfortable, confident and safe during long runs, at meets, and during practices.  Form a united front and show your school spirit with RunningPretty.

Once you’ve tried RunningPretty, you will never go back to wearing uncomfortable, unflattering men’s shorts again. It’s called the Power of Pretty.

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