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The Power of Pretty

I'm a life-long runner who does not own a pair of running shorts. Why? Because I finally discovered the Power of Pretty.

Power and confidence

When you combine style and security, fashion and function, the end result is a feeling of power and confidence — the end result is the RunningPretty line of sports apparel.

RunningPretty running skirts give you the feeling that nothing can hold you back – not a few extra pounds, not exercising alone, not uncomfortable workout clothes.

RunningPretty is not like anything on the market today. RunningPretty is like the power tie of women’s workout-wear.

Get moving, get comfortable

With the comfort of the 'barely-there' hidden compression short and the flattering sassy skirt over the top, you will feel energized and confident to hit the road or the gym – never worried about being too revealing, anxious about running too far, or feeling aggravated by tight, bunching or chafing shorts.

RunningPretty is great for running, cycling, walking, yoga – pretty much anything that gets you moving!

Get a glimpse of The Power of Pretty!

Pretty Flattering
Sassy skirt and comfortable short is a powerful combination

Pretty Smart
Identity Waistband™ increases security and confidence

Pretty Confident
No longer feel like you have to get in shape to hit the gym

Pretty Functional
Eliminate frustration with pockets, water bottle support, and cycling insert

Pretty Inspirational
Who we are and why we need you to share your stories

Pretty Efficient
Order online or visit one of our quality retailers

I am a girl and proud to run like a girl.  When I do, I feel "the power of pretty."

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